Functions "Login" and "My Account" on Mobile Version of epages 6 Shops

Functions "Login" and "My Account" on Mobile Version of epages 6 Shops

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The service allows you to install the full functions of "Login" and "My Account" in the mobile version of epages 6 shops.



The following scree captures show on the mobile version the access to the functions "Login" and "My Account" and two screens of the function "My Account":


Icons for accessing the functions "My Account" and "Logout" epages mobile view

Icons for user-friendly accessing of the functions "Login", "My Account" and "Logout"

My Account on epages 6 mobile version

The functions of "My Account" in the mobile version are the same as those of the desktop version

Edit My Account on epages 6 mobile version

Example of the page to change personal data in the mobile version




Your advantages

Epages 6 supports an automatically generated mobile version for SmartPhones, which allows shop customers to read information and make purchases. However, the customer only has access to his customer account on the desktop version, including his data, orders, newsletters, etc. As the Internet is used more often on mobile devices than on desktop computers, it is important for your customers to access the smartphone as well to have data on. This contributes significantly to a positive experience with your shop and increases the turnover rate.

The main benefits to your customers of this service are:

  • Login function on mobile version
  • Access to the following features of the "Customer Account" on the Mobile Version:
    • View and change personal date
    • Manage shipping addresses
    • Change password
    • Get orders
    • Manage newsletter subscriptions
    • Manage wishlists


How is this service executed?

After ordering this service, the features for "Login" and "My Account" will be built into your epages 6. There are no running costs. Further adjustments are possible on request. New features developed by epages on the desktop version are automatically applied. In the unlikely event of adjustments, costs may be incurred.


What goals can you achieve?

The integrating of the "Login" and "My Account" features enhances your customer experience, resulting in better customer reviews. It also makes your online shop full compatible with smartphones.


What guarantees do you get?

All features available in the desktop version of "Login" and "My Account" will be made available in the mobile version and adapted to smartphones.


Conditions of Contract

The service is contractually agreed by online order and formalized upon payment of the full value of the service.

Function available for all epages 6 base shops

This feature can be installed on the following epages 6 base stores:

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