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The for guitar lovers well known online shop Rall Guitars & Tools presents itself with a new design concept and features. The fact that a professional appearance and good usability are the key features for the success of any online store on the highly competitive Internet market, motivated owner Ing. Andreas Rall to contract Viamodul to restyle his by Strato hosted epages shop.
The online store also features new Interface functions, that contribute for a clean and simple user-friendly interface, such as the pop-up login box, which can be accessed by an icon. The search window box opens dynamically on a simply click.


Esay Shop Navigation - Easy Shop Maintenance

Despite the refined design, a simple shop management and flexibility of the epages Strato software is still preserved:

  • The main menu is elegantly accompanied by a slider, which images smoothly change.
  • The company logo appears on the home page larger than on other sites to get more enface and leave more space for content on content and product pages.
  • The images of the featured products on the homepage can be entered without any HTML tags. This saves time and always guarantees a professional appearance.
  • The atractive "Learn more” buttons on the home page are automatically created. So new content without additional effort can always be released and the buttons increase the click-through rates.
  • The language menu of Google translator is switched elegantly visible from a shortcut and appears as a popup.
  • Prices can be automatically displayed in different currencies in the current exchange rate.

The merchant can modify all the menus or contents of the header or footer. The images on the start page are easy to replace the built-in HTML editor.


A Word from the Shop-Owner

And now let us give voice to your customer, Ing. Andreas Rall:

Comparing my instruments with the resulting site I would just say, "The shop has become a first-class masterpiece".
Since adjust of the appearance to functionality -everything is up to date.
From the project beginning, the design concept, the implementation until "Go Live" - your work convinced me.
Thank you Mr. Huber - also to your team.
Absolutely smoothly and gladly again!


And what about your Strato/epages Shop?

If you want to be as satisfied as Ing. Andreas Rall with your online shop, now you know what is possible to do with your Strato epages Shop.
And who can do it for you.


Visit the Rall Guitars & Tools Online Shop

Take a look at http://shop.rall-online.net/


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