Which bots (crawlers) does Google use to index my website: desktop or mobile?

How do I determine whether Google uses the bots (crawlers) for indexing for desktop or for smartphones?

From September 2020, Google will only use mobile bots (crawlers) for indexing, also known as "Google Mobile-First Indexing". This means that Google looks at the website the same way a visitor does on a smartphone.

You can find more information on our article epages base 6 Shops Responsive für Google Mobile-First Indexierung


What will change for your website from September 2020?

But the Google Mobile Bots are nothing new: For a few years now Google has been using them for indexing instead of the computer bots for the desktop version. To start with: Google uses either desktop bots or mobile bots, but never both for a website.

If Google uses the mobile bots on your website or online shop, not much will change from September 2020 regarding indexing and page ranking. If Google is still using the computer bots before September 20, you should monitor visitor numbers in Google Analytics from September and check your ranking on Google for the most important searches.


How can I determine which bots (crawlers) Google uses for my website?

How to quickly determine which bots Google uses for indexing for your website or online shop:


  1. Go to the Google Search Console
  2. If you manage multiple websites on your console, select the intended website from the menu on the top left.
  3. On the left menu bar click on "Coverage"
  4. The bot (crawler) used for the website is displayed on the right-hand side


Which bots (crawlers) does Google use to index my website: computer or mobile?


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