Design Gadgets for epages Shops

With our Design Gadgets you can improve your epages shop graphically and functionally.

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Robot/spam protection for epages Base registration form 

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Sell more accessories on epages Base Shops for more visible accessories with a detailed product description collapsible box.

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The "Fake product variations" function allows you to create variations without creating sub-products in your epages shop.

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Limit order quantity to available stock only for discontinued products with epages 6 Base.

285.00 *

Your customers could use product filters on the start page of your epages 6 shop? Then you can get it.

245.00 *

Use CTA Buttons and Icons to effectively highlight promotions and product features such as "Boom Friday", special prices, "Take 3 Pay 2 promotions", "Standards", "Product certifications"

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Here you can see something! Large gallery thumbnails on product pages promote online sales.  We bring them to the right size on epages Shop.

65.00 *

Also the epages Content Slider can show your pictures in full screen width. Images are shown more meaningful.

140.00 *

The epages login box as elegant popup combines functionality with contemporary web design.

95.00 *

The presentation of the accessories on its own tab let product pages more clearer and customer friendly.

160.00 *

Show color variations through tiles fascinates customers with real colors and patterns: ePages Shop Lotus Transfers.

from 195.00 *

Shows epages stores with "clean" product list. Additional information only is shown when the customer moves the mouse over a product.

295.00 *

A second product image on the product list of epages stores convinces customers more than just a one single product image.

145.00 *

All important functions in the header of your epages online shop remain visible after scrolling with a Sticky Header.

95.00 *

Use the draggable OWL Content Slider in your epages shop with images, editable content and responsive with 100% screen width.

from 165.00 *

Menus with icons bring your customers faster and more pleasantly to your products

95.00 *

Installation of the full functions of "Login" and "My Account" in the mobile version of epages 6 Shops

245.00 *

Customized Web Design for the mobile version / SmartPhones epages 6 online shops or Web sites

295.00 *

More sales on the epages 6 mobile version. With cross selling on the mobile view, you can finally make many product suggestions to your customers on the product page, such as accessories or alternative products.

295.00 *

Why is it important to show the graduated prices already on the product list? And this is how it looks like on epages 6.

245.00 *

Also on epages 6 shops, selected products, only be visible for specific customer groups, can be displayed on Mobile-First Indexing :: Responsive Web Design für epages 6 Shops"public" categories.

480.00 *

For epages 6 base shops, this function automatically sets the amount entered by the customer to the next larger sales unit.

185.00 *

Customers can already find out about variations (e.g. sizes or colors) on product lists on epages 6 base.

195.00 *

The organization of products in your online store can be similar to a physical store, in order to attract the customer to "enter" and make purchases in the store.

185.00 *

Implementation of the button "Add to Cart", "Stock" and Social Media in product list in Mobile version of online stores epages 6. Strato, SAGE, Hosteurope

125.00 *

Implementation of the image gallery function in the product listing of online stores epages 6

265.00 *

A complete shopping cart in the fold-out sidebar reduces one step of the checkout. Suppresses reloading after clicking the shopping cart buttons on epages 6 online shops

595.00 *

Display net prices in the shop on epages shops and sell them at the same time via sales portals

545.00 *

Shopping cart buttons for individual products with your own text, colors and Google icon for epages 6

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