Hosting for WordPress Websites, Landing Pages and Webshops

Hosting for WordPress Websites, Landing Pages and Webshops

We offer professional hosting for WordPress


Our expertise - your advantages

You benefit from our more than 20 years of internet experience and continuous innovation:

  • Custom-made design project for your brand
  • Themes / templates created with Elementor Pro that you can later edit yourself
  • Lightweight pages to comply with Google's recommended fast loading times
  • User-friendly and interactive pages
  • Creation of specific page themes / templates, e.g. "product page", "service page", "news page", which you can easily use for new content
  • Introduction to Elementor Pro and the content maintenance of your shop via video conference
  • Manual for reference
  • Helpful team that supports you in your work
  • Valuable tips on how to create SEO effective texts
  • And really fair prices 

Hosting for WordPressHosting for WordPress

WordPress runs best on servers that are precisely designed for the needs of WordPress. That's why you only get hosting service from Viamodul that is specifically designed for WordPress.


Landing page with WordPress and Elementor ProLanding page with WordPress and Elementor Pro

WordPress with Elementor Pro is also suitable for creating a landing page. Here, too, the flexibility in the theme / template design with Elementor Pro pays off with individual design and fast loading times, since the theme / template only contains the code necessary for the design.


WordPress Themes with Elementor ProWordPress Themes with Elementor Pro

Elemtentor Pro is the ultimate content editor for WordPress. You can use it to create perfect content with all the refinements. It is also suitable for designing the theme / template of your website individually and also for creating page templates and using them if necessary. The visual design is flexible and you are not tied to a purchased theme / template, which allows few customization options.

Websites with WordPress at fair pricesWebsites with WordPress at fair prices

Let us create your website with WordPress at fair prices. From the individual design project to the creation of an individual, fast-loading theme, to the maintenance of the content and hosting, installation of add-ons and updates, you get a complete service. You will also receive a briefing so that you are completely autonomous when it comes to content management.
At SEO, we can also give you helpful tips.

WebShops with WooCommerce and Elementor ProWebShops with WooCommerce and Elementor Pro

Sell ​​online with an attractive shop, created from a combination of these three popup applications WordPress, WooCommerce and Elementor Pro. WordPress serves you as a CMS (Content Management System) with an infinite number of add-ons, WooCommerce as robust eCommerce software, and Elementor Pro as a design tool for your theme / template and the maintenance of the content. A perfect combination.