Slider Desktop

The slider for desktop version has a variable size.


Insert the slider

1. The slider is inserted in "Extended description":



2. Then an image from the file management is inserted as shown below:

Important: Pay attention to the size of the slider for your shop!


The images of the sliders that are used on the start page and should fill the entire width of the screen must be uploaded to the "Design> slider" folder. This ensures that not the images reduced to 1050px width by epages are used, but those uploaded by the user.

Exchanging pictures

When you replace the slider, epages automatically adds a new numbering. From the banners "banner00.png", "banner01.png" and "banner02.png" a number is inserted in front of the point of the file type, ie to "banner001.png", "banner011.png" and "banner021.png" changed.








Since the slider with 100% screen width does not have the images transformed by the epages slider, the images with these names must also be uploaded in the data management (if the same images are used by other sliders) or simply changed: