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Unique professional shop design for your ePages shop


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Advanced epages Web Design for epages Now

Would you like to make graphical adjustments to your epages Now shop?
Just let us know your ideas or ask us what you can improve on your shop.

Talk to us! We are glad to advise you.


Advanced epages Web Design for epages base 6

What does Advanced epages Web Design mean?

The design layout of epages shops is flexible and easy to create. Many designers use these opportunities and create nice looking online shops. Like thousands of others on the Internet.

For us and our customers, this is not enough. We go far beyond the normal capabilities of epages shops. Until everything looks the way it is to be expected from above-average online shops, we are writing over 1000 additional lines of CSS and JQuery code.

And you can see that in the results:

  • Impressive layout and page templates
  • Integration of design details and effects
  • Extension of the standard category and the page display
  • Improved interface of login functions
  • Basket with improved design and presentation of information
  • Dynamic positioning of user controls
  • Size adjustments of images and content

This is Advanced epages Design and it means even more professional online Shops based on epages technology.


Unique professional shop design for your ePages shop. Customized to your brand adapted to your business and your customers.
Online in just 5 days. From 490 €.


Advanced epages Web Design

Many design options for a fair price (+VAT)
650 €
2.500 €
  S M L XL  

Additional charges may incur: When implementing a new design concept in live Shop (15%, at least 180 €.). With existing design adjustment (20%, at least € 240).

Online Shops
with Advanced
epages Design

Which service is right for your epages online shop?

Talk to us! We are glad to advise you.


What information do we need from you?

  • Company logo. Format: vector (if available), transparent PNG or JPG file)
  • presentations, brochures, catalogues, etc.
  • Presentation of your company (mission, values, history, organisation chart/team, link to Google Map)
  • Presentation of services and key competences
  • main competitors: Names and online shops / websites
  • References: Online shops or websites that you like

Contents, if this is commissioned:

  • List of products with pictures
  • List of all additional desired functions, if possible with example (existing standard functions of your online shop do not have to be mentioned.
  • Company data (registration, tax number, owner, telephone, email)
  • Various and legal information: Contacts, information for the client, terms and conditions, etc.


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Limit order quantity to available stock only for discontinued products with epages 6 Base.

285.00 *

Customized Web Design for the mobile version / SmartPhones epages 6 online shops or Web sites

295.00 *

Responsive Web Design ensures optimal presentation of your epages online store on Tablet and Smartphone devices.

from 495.00 *

Installation of the full functions of "Login" and "My Account" in the mobile version of epages 6 Shops

245.00 *

(Service: Advanced Epages Design S, Payment: Prepaid)

650.00 *

More sales on the epages 6 mobile version. With cross selling on the mobile view, you can finally make many product suggestions to your customers on the product page, such as accessories or alternative products.

295.00 *

Here you can see something! Large gallery thumbnails on product pages promote online sales.  We bring them to the right size on epages Shop.

65.00 *

Also the epages Content Slider can show your pictures in full screen width. Images are shown more meaningful.

140.00 *

The epages login box as elegant popup combines functionality with contemporary web design.

95.00 *

The presentation of the accessories on its own tab let product pages more clearer and customer friendly.

160.00 *

Show color variations through tiles fascinates customers with real colors and patterns: ePages Shop Lotus Transfers.

from 195.00 *

Shows epages stores with "clean" product list. Additional information only is shown when the customer moves the mouse over a product.

295.00 *

A second product image on the product list of epages stores convinces customers more than just a one single product image.

145.00 *

All important functions in the header of your epages online shop remain visible after scrolling with a Sticky Header.

95.00 *

Use the draggable OWL Content Slider in your epages shop with images, editable content and responsive with 100% screen width.

from 165.00 *

Menus with icons bring your customers faster and more pleasantly to your products

95.00 *

Why is it important to show the graduated prices already on the product list? And this is how it looks like on epages 6.

245.00 *

Also on epages 6 shops, selected products, only be visible for specific customer groups, can be displayed on Mobile-First Indexing :: Responsive Web Design für epages 6 Shops"public" categories.

480.00 *

Use CTA Buttons and Icons to effectively highlight promotions and product features such as "Boom Friday", special prices, "Take 3 Pay 2 promotions", "Standards", "Product certifications"

from 45.00 *

For epages 6 base shops, this function automatically sets the amount entered by the customer to the next larger sales unit.

185.00 *

Customers can already find out about variations (e.g. sizes or colors) on product lists on epages 6 base.

195.00 *

Implementation of the button "Add to Cart", "Stock" and Social Media in product list in Mobile version of online stores epages 6. Strato, SAGE, Hosteurope

125.00 *

Implementation of the image gallery function in the product listing of online stores epages 6

265.00 *

A complete shopping cart in the fold-out sidebar reduces one step of the checkout. Suppresses reloading after clicking the shopping cart buttons on epages 6 online shops

595.00 *

Display net prices in the shop on epages shops and sell them at the same time via sales portals

545.00 *

Shopping cart buttons for individual products with your own text, colors and Google icon for epages 6

125.00 *

Show additional product short description under product names - epages 6

95.00 *

Clear, expandable filters with horizontal display on epages 6 Base make it easier for customers to find products in your epages 6 Base shop.

345.00 *

This service not only displays the discount tables on product lists, the table is also graphically improved and optimized so that only 2 lines (3 with reference price) are occupied.

320.00 *
Prices without VAT
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