Working with external HTML files

The content of all subsequently used navigation bars is created using various external HTML files that are located in the file management. The files are downloaded for editing and uploaded again with the same name after editing.

The content is limited to the most necessary HTML, so that the content can be easily edited without the risk of changing the look of the shop in an undesirable manner.


Format encoding UTF

The files are saved in UTF format. If characters or letters are not displayed, the file must be set to UTF using an appropriate text editor such as PSPad or Notepad ++ and the file must be uploaded again.


If other languages ​​are to be used in the shop, please request the configuration from Viamodul.


Important! It is advisable to create a backup copy before processing.


Original: epFooterLinkBar-DE.html

Backup copy dated 31/12/2018: epFooterLinkBar-DE-181231.html


You can find the files in the corresponding folders.



Files in other languages ​​differ in the ending (DE = German, EN = English, FR = French, etc.)