Show Real Variations Colors with Tiles

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No More Color Guessing

Showing color variations by tiles allows your customers to see the real colors or color combinations right on the first product page: epages Shop Lotus Transfers.


Show Immediately the Real Colors & Patterns to Your Customers

You offer products in various, fascinating colors on your epages Strato Shop.
But your customer only can see the actual color on the variation page of the product.
To know how each color looks like, he or she has to access the variation page, because only the names of the color are shown. Are time scarce Internet buyers patiently enough and do they read or pay more attention to visual elments?

The Real Colors at First Sight Fascinate Customers

Capture your customers attention on the first product page with a preview of all real colors and color patterns.
This way no colors are hidden to the customer and he can see and compare all real colors on every variation page.
This is especially important for patterns and color combinations. You can even use real pictures for this.

See example on


Why a product with color preview is bought more frequently::


  • The pattern of a color says more than the color name
  • The pattern of a color arouses more emotions (A customer "loves" a specific color > Views the product> Buys the Product) than the mere color name
  • Customers pay more attention to graphic elements than to text elements
  • Customers see and compare all colors at the same time


Our Suggestion

Take a look at the colors of your products and imagine how a customer sees a product in a certain color, from which he only knows the color name.
And how does the same customer react having all the real color tiles at one glance instead of a list of all the color names?
There is no doubt that the customer is more likely to see the product in its different colors when he or she has already seen the preview of the real color.

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Example Shop

Visit shop at Lotus Transfers


Function available for all epages 6 base shops

This feature can be installed on the following epages 6 base stores:

Additional product information

Precos Value includes inserting up to 40 colors (solid colors and patterns). The names and codes of the colors (hexadecimal) and images are provided by the customer.
Available for
  • Desktop: Yes
  • Tablet (Viamodul version ): Yes
  • Smartphone (Viamodul version ): Yes
  • Smartphone (epages version): No
  • Only compatible with epages Base (6) shops! A refund fee of € 40 applies to prepaid orders

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