Popup & Automatic Adjustment of Quantity in epages 6 base

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For epages 6 base shops, this function automatically sets the amount entered by the customer to the next larger sales unit.


You and the customers of your epages 6 base shop are familiar with this

On your epages 6 base shop, you sell a product, e.g. parcel floor coverings in packages of 3.18 m2 and your customer has finally found his dream floor with you.

[We apologize that we only have screen captures from a German shop. Maybe your shop is an example for the English language?]

Richtige Mengenangabe epages 6 base


Your customer specifies the number of square meters they need, e.g. "50m2". But then he gets to see this little useful information: 

Falsche Mengenangabe epages 6 base epages Hinweis


Unfortunately, the epages 6 base does not adapt the cruet to the correct, next-largest number of square meters.
So the customer picks up the calculator or starts all over again and clicks on the plus button until the desired area is reached.   


But there is another way with epages 6 base shops ...

With this function, the customer not only gets the next most suitable number of square meters, he also receives information about a cut to be planned: 

Richtige Mengenangabe epages 6 base + Hinweis auf Verschnitt


And voilà, as soon as your customer clicks OK, the announced amount is already used. And off he or she goes to the shopping cart!


Richtige Mengenangabe epages 6 base :: Verbessert Mengenangabe


Customers can buy the right amount quickly and conveniently thanks to useful information and save time-consuming reorders. This is how your customers and your business win.


Standard browser message box or a stylish popup? 

The function is available both with the standard browser message box (alert box) and as a stylish popup. You can also optionally get your own design for the popup. 


Example epages 6 base Shop

You can try out this function on this epages 6 base SAGE 50 shop from Boden Cavaliere, and if necessary, order a parcel shelf right away :)


Function available for all epages 6 base shops

This feature can be installed on the following epages 6 base stores:

Additional product information

Service Default Browser Alertbox
Languages 1 Language
Available for
  • Only compatible with epages Base (6) shops! A refund fee of € 40 applies to prepaid orders

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