epages with "clean" product list: Additional dynamic information

epages with "clean" product list: Additional dynamic information

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A "clean" product list lets your customers focus on the essential information. But how can you provide important additional information about your products such as availability, delivery period, item number, a second picture or, most important, a visible "buy" button, without overloading the page and your customers with information?
The solution are dynamic product lists, which only display the additional information when the customer moves the mouse over a product. And you can also show your another product picture. And a second product picture is so important for successful online selling.

These are the advantages for your epages online shop and your customers:

  • Clean product pages with only the necessary information about products
  • Dynamic display of important additional information when passing the mouse over a product
  • Displaying a second product image sells better than just one image
  • Increases interaction with your customers
  • Decorative large product box with attractive shadow effect

The installation can be performed subsequently and easily in any epages Store without any downtime of your shop.
So why not start right away?

Additional product information

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