Optimized discount table in 1-column product listing

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This service not only displays the discount tables on product lists, the table is also graphically improved and optimized so that only 2 lines (3 with reference price) are occupied.
In the original tiered pricing table, each discount level corresponds to a new row in the table. The converted table shows the squadrons horizontally in columns. This keeps the product lists very compact.
With this new service, the graduated price table is not only simply inserted into product boxes, it is also visually enhanced and thus allows better readability.

The advantages:

  • Customers can already see graduated prices on product lists
  • Product lists are kept compact because the converted bulk price table is only 2 rows high,
  • A targeted reduction of the texts makes the graduated price table clearer

Look at the example shop at https://www.papermaxx.de


Function available for all epages 6 base shops

This feature can be installed on the following epages 6 base stores:

Additional product information

Available for
  • Only compatible with epages Base (6) shops! A refund fee of € 40 applies to prepaid orders

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