Big Thumbnails for Product Gallery Images on epages Shops

Big Thumbnails for Product Gallery Images on epages Shops

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Great product images promote sales on Online Shops. So do large thumbnails of the gallery on the product page. We bring them to the right size on your epages Shop.

Sure you want on your online store such a picture gallery on the product page as this of a in Portugal handicraft made haversack.
Generous images get the full attention of your customers, facilitate navegation through images and products are purchased quickly and more frequently.

On the left screen shot you see the preview images before our optimization. On the right side, the preview images are shown in an adequate size and automatically in the same format.
(Both figures are resized to 75% of the original size)


Kleine Vorschaubilder auf epages Produktseite Grosse  Vorschaubilder auf epages Produktseite
Before optimization with small thumbnails After optimization with large thumbnails



Shop owner Mr. João Paulo Gonçalves: "Congratulations, now everything looks attractive. I like it very much."

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