Functions "Cross Selling" on Mobile Version of epages 6 Shops

Functions "Cross Selling" on Mobile Version of epages 6 Shops

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The service allows you to install the full Cross Selling functions in the mobile version of epages 6 Shops (except product comparision).

  • Accessories
  • Recommended products
  • Automatic cross selling ("Customers who bought this product ...)



The following screen captures show on the mobile version the function Cross Selling of epages 6 Shops:


WomenTrends Mobile Product Detail

The same experience as on the desktop version:
On the product page of the mobile view
the cross selling products appear

epages mobile Cross Selling Accessorires

View the list of "Accessories products"

epages 6 mobile Cross Selling Automatic

View of the "automatic cross selling" products
("Customer who bought this product, also bought..")




Your advantages

Epages 6 supports an automatically generated mobile version for SmartPhones, which allows shop customers to read information and make purchases.
However, the mobile version doesn't show the cross selling products on the product detail pages. To show these products, customers have access to more products on your shop.This contributes significantly to a positive experience with your shop and increases the turnover rate.

The main benefits to your customers of this service are:

  • The same experience for customers on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Customers receive more product suggestions through "Cross Selling" on the mobile view
  • Customers are encouraged to view other products
  • The customers find matching accessories more easily
  • The number of products purchased per order increases


How is this service executed?

After ordering this service, the features for "Cross Selling" will be implemented into your epages 6. There are no running costs. Further adjustments are possible on request. New features developed by epages on the desktop version are mostly and automatically applied. In case of the need of adjustments, costs may be incurred.


What goals can you achieve?

The integration of the "Cross Selling" functions improves the experience of your customers, which results in better implementation and customer evaluations. It also makes your online shop fully compatible with smartphones.


What guarantees do you get?

The Cross Selling function as described on this page will be available on the mobile version and graphically adapted.


Conditions of Contract

The service is contractually agreed by online order and formalized upon payment of the full value of the service.

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