Clear Product Page with Product Accessories on its own Tab

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The presentation of the accessories on its own tab let product pages clearer and customer friendly. And the less information will be shown simultaneously on the product side, the more the customer concentrates on the important and for sale decisive facts.


Spare your customers of overload product pages

A well-structured product page informs your customers with small packages of information about your products, because the customer "just" can read it quickly and without effort. Long texts scare them by increasing the felt complexity of the information. Be aware that Internet users are mostly suffering under time pressure and information excess. They prefer a short and simple presentation of information in small portions, in a clear and legible way.


Information distributed on tabs helps

Therefore, experts invented index cards (called "tabs") for computer applications, also successfully implemented on the product page on epages shops. This helps to split the whole information about a product into several small subjects. It makes even a large amount of information easier to read and increases the motivation of your customers to learn about your products and to purchase it.


Accessories on its own tab

However, accessory products appear in epages shops below these tabs. Putting the accessories list in a separate tab gives the product page a user-friendly presentation. And the customer is informed in advance about the number of available accessories.


Everything neat and tidy on REGALY Shop

Also Mr. Mörke from the Swiss online shop REGALY - Shelf Systems- was of the opinion that accessories in its own tab would work better and provide a user-friendly presentation of its products and instructed Viamodul with the changes. A well visible button facilitates the access to each single accessory product. So everything on the product page of is tidied and designed for customers.

The product informations of this shops is organized in the following tabs:

  • Desciption
  • Technical Data
  • Delivery scope
  • Assembly instructions
  • Reviews
  • Accessories


Our Suggestions

Take a look at the product pages of your online shop if you were in your customer's shoes and ask yourself if improvements could benefit their interest in your products and result in more sales.
If you appreciate your opinion, please contact us.


Function available for all epages 6 base shops

This feature can be installed on the following epages 6 base stores:

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  • Only compatible with epages Base (6) shops! A refund fee of € 40 applies to prepaid orders

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